Paper Towel Holder Round Base (cedar)


Elevate your kitchen with our Cedar Paper Towel Holder, featuring a sturdy round base and elegant vertical design. Made from fragrant cedar, it offers durability and style, while the compact form factor ensures efficient use of space. A perfect blend of utility and natural aesthetics for any home.

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Discover the natural charm of our Cedar Paper Towel Holder with Round Base, a functional yet aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen accessories. Standing at 16″ with a base diameter of 5 1/4″, this holder is beautifully constructed from premium cedar wood, known for its aromatic scent and natural resilience against moisture. The round base provides stability, while the sleek vertical design saves valuable counter space.

The warm, reddish hue and distinctive grain of cedar add a rustic yet refined touch to any decor. It features an easy-to-use spindle that simplifies the process of changing rolls, and the extra rod serves as a handy tear-off point for convenience. Each holder is sanded to a smooth finish, highlighting the wood’s natural beauty. This cedar paper towel holder is not only a practical kitchen necessity but also an elegant statement piece that enhances your space.

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Dimensions 16 × 3 × 5 in

Add Engraving ($25+), No Engraving


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