Ability with Disability

How you can help!

How you can help

Help us in many ways

Sponsor a Child

The annual cost for educating and training each student is $12,000. The school is at full capacity with 250 students.

The Ministry of Education pays a subsidy grant for 135 students. Bursaries for the additional 115 students who cannot afford the fees have to be sought from private sector donors.

Additionally, students are required to pay $300 per month in school fees, but many are unable to pay this fee. We are urgently in need of funding to fulfill these shortfalls in costs

Support Institutional Strengthening

We desire to create a social environment aligned to the preconditions for inclusion outlined by the United Nations’ Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD). We seek to rehabilitate and empower Persons with Disabilities (PWD), providing training, advocacy and intervention to help our differently abled fellow citizens live full and meaningful lives, find useful work in the community, contribute to our society, and fulfil their purpose.

We support them in their efforts to combat discrimination, ignorance and bias, which continue to impede their progress and encroach upon their daily lives.  We also intend to offer physiotherapy and speech therapy to clients who currently endure a long waiting list at the general hospital. Many cannot afford the fees of private therapists.

You can make a Big Impact and Support Institutional Strengthening by donating any amount. Donate nowYou can also make a deposit at any branch of First Citizens Bank.

Fund a Project

In 2021, the organization was restructured, with a new CEO and six new board members. Under their guidance we intend to:

  • Expand the Centre to the North and Tobago to assist PWDs in those areas.
  • Secure our premises to protect crops from theft
  • Expand the agricultural programme
  • Purchase new IT equipment
  • Pursue our waterfront project
  • Expand catering services
  • Assess the equipment and IT needs of business units


You can make a Big Impact and Fund a Project by donating any amount. Donate now.

You can also make a deposit at any branch of First Citizens Bank.

Help us Eliminate Debt

It is clear that ‘business as usual’ will not result in an optimal level of performance that allows us to fulfill our mandate. This is especially true in the country’s current economic and social conditions. The Centre has been running on deficit for several years. Our financial challenges have been exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, which led to the shutdown of our production centres.

Our costs include the payment of salaries, utility bills and general operations. The annual cost for educating and training each student is also significant. Due to these and other expenses and financing challenges, we are facing debts and obligations that are now overdue and overdrawn. 

You can make a Big Impact and Help us Eliminate our Debt by donating any amount. Donate now. You can also make a deposit at any branch of First Citizens Bank.

Our Funding Goal

We need to raise funds to help us (TT$6.8M)

Clear our debt

TT$3.2M 47%

Fund Major Projects

TT$2.4M 35%

Upgrade Business units


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