Business Services

The primary strategic goal of our business services continues to be the provision of employment and apprenticeship opportunities for our graduates and other skilled persons with disabilities.


Through working in the business services unit, apprentices are provided with the opportunity to develop their technical competencies and productivity levels while preparing for another level of certification.


The business component utilizes a social entrepreneurship model that contributes to our sustainability as an organization by supplementing our revenue, and promoting economic self-reliance..

A One Stop Haven

NCPD is a one-stop haven for customized products and services including:

Building and Refurbishing of Furniture, Cupboards Etc

Upholstering, Industrial Sewing & Soft Furnishings

Printing & Book Binding

Manufacturing & Repair of Disability Aids

Crutches, Walkers, Walking Sticks Etc

Rental of Disability Aids

Welding & Fabricating

Wheelchair Transportation Services

Catering Services

Order your woodwork, aids and more today from the NCPD