Dr. Marva Ribeiro


Dr Ribeiro is qualified with a Ph.D. in Education, an M.Ed. in Teacher Education, and Post Graduate Diplomas in Special Education and in the Teaching of Mathematics. She also possesses a B.Sc. Honours in Chemistry and Mathematics. She is an External Evaluator for tertiary education institutions, with the ACTT, the External Verifier for Training and Assessment (Level IV, CVQ) at the National Training Agency; is Chairman of the voluntary Board of Directors the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities; Member of the Commonwealth Steering Group on Teacher Qualifications and Professional Recognition and, the Advisory Board of the Inter American Teacher Education Network- her brainchild for teachers in the Americas.

Dr Ribeiro served at all levels of the education system for more than 47 years as Secondary School Teacher, Vice Principal, Curriculum Officer, Assistant Director -Research and Evaluation, Programme Director-International Cooperation Initiatives in Education, Ministry of Education, Adjunct Lecturer at the University of the West Indies School of Education, External Examiner for Psychology at the University of the Southern Caribbean, Valsayn and Corinth Teachers Colleges, and Academic Director at a Private Tertiary Level Institution..
Dr Ribeiro completed a wide range of professional development training including Educational Policy Development; Programme Evaluation; Teacher Quality; Educational Administration; Results Based Management; Curriculum and Teaching in Higher Education; Educational Design in Higher Education; and Applied Research. This allows her to remain relevant in the fast-changing education landscape.

As a senior Caribbean Education official, Dr Ribeiro has many years’ experience developing, managing, monitoring and evaluating large scale education projects undertaken in collaboration with international agencies. She continues to provide independent consultations in the areas of Teacher Professional Development, Special Education, Assessment, and Programme Evaluation.